Anastasiya G.


Another very satisfied customer. I went in search of a new optometrist because my old one was terrible. I had lenses made previously that were not anti-glare and reflected everything on them. I found Pildes, read some reviews and deiced to stop by after work. They took the measurements/dimensions of my current lenses and put the order in on the same day. I came back the next day to drop my glasses off and they were ready for pickup in one business day (total of a three day transaction). The front desk staff was super friendly and accommodating. They are also open until 6 everyday so it’s easy to drop by after work. What is more, they did not hassle me to get an eye exam- just straight to addressing my problem- and I was in and out in under 15 minutes each time.

Here is the part I am most pleased about: the glasses were perfectly done. The lenses are so clear you can barely tell they are even there, and I see perfectly in them. There was a zero adjustment period (wherein at my old optometrist, even if I was getting lenses with the same exact prescription and dimensions, they never did fit as comfortably when putting them on as the old ones).

All in all, I will definitely be going here from now on for my eyeware needs.

-Anastasiya G. 9/15/2014