Diane R.

I had just gone on Medicare and was leaving for LA to take care of my infant Granddaughter while Mom and Dad needed to return to work full-time. I needed to get contacts for my adventure which is for an indefinite time period.
My medicare plan has great coverage for contacts, however, my usual optical place would not accept the plan. I checked out several places that were on the “list” but they no longer took the plan either and were not especially friendly when I went into the stores to try to find out in person. As it turns out, I was given some erroneous info about my plan and that is probably why they told me no! Maria at Pildes did a more thorough search through the various options and found my plan and me in the system!!!! Amazing!!!! I was completely crunched for time as I had not thought this would be such a difficult task to accomplish and had, therefore, left it until the last minute. I cannot compliment the staff enough for how delightful and helpful they were in getting my prescription and my contacts. Maria was amazing scheduling me in and arranging to have the contacts arrive at the store asap (alas after I was on my plane) and took it upon herself before I even thought of it to ask Jay if they could mail them to me at my new temporary address!!!! Jay agreed and all they arrived shortly after I did!!! The optometrist was a delight also. After discussing with me my preferences for strength and comfort he readily adjusted the prescription and chose a brand for me that I find so much more comfortable than what I had been wearing for years.I had a lot of fun and some great conversations in the store. They were terrific with everyone that came into the store while I was there and greeted all with a big friendly welcome. The vibes there are like being with family you really enjoy spending time with. I can’t believe I had never gone in there before even though I have been in the neighborhood since before they opened! There was a wonderful selection of frames, good prices, attentive and caring serviceā€¦ unpretentious and very classy!! I LOVE it at Pildesā€¦.I give them the highest recommendation I can!! Enjoy!

-Diane R. 7/6/2014