Margo DiCicco

I have lived on the Upper West Side of New York my whole life and I have always gotten my glasses at Pildes Optical. Over the years, I have followed Jay (the owner), and Ruben, to three different store locations within a twenty-block radius. The reasons that I continue to shop there, and why I always recommend them so highly are: great service, and extreme knowledge about eyeglasses and every type of lense available. Jay and Ruben have impeccable taste in picking frames for each particular face, and that ultimately saves the customer a lot of time and frustration. They have a wonderful choice of the most current frames at the most reasonable prices, and they will work with you and your insurance company to get you the best possible price. They are so helpful and always go above and beyond. If you break your glasses, or need to get minor adjustments, they are always accommodating and will fix your glasses with a smile! I have recommended many friends who were visiting from out of town, and everyone was always extremely happy with the service. When they ordered glasses they were sent to them very quickly and in perfect condition. Recently, my friend broke the metal hinge off her glasses and was told in another store that she had to buy a new pair of glasses (in excess of $300).Luckily, she told me and I took her to Pildes and she was so relieved to find out that they could be soldered for a fraction of the price. Suffice it to say you are in GREAT hands at Pildes Optical and I would never shop anywhere else for glasses. When you have had the very best, all that’s left is all the rest!

-Margo D.  6/2/2014