The Importance of Having Regular Eye Examinations With an Optometrist

You may have seen apps advertised that can ‘replace going to the eye doctor.’ However, online vision tests attempt to replace only one element of an eye examination, the refraction, to yield a prescription for glasses or contacts. The refraction performed by online vision tests is only one of many tests performed during an eye examination, and taken by itself, does not provide sufficient information regarding the treatment of a patient, including the prescription of glasses or contact lenses.

Online vision tests may give inaccurate or misleading information, and can give patients a false sense of security. In fact, patients may delay essential, sight-saving treatment. Comprehensive eye exams with our optometrist are one of the most important, preventive ways to preserve vision, and the only way to accurately assess eye health, diagnose an eye disorder or disease, and determine the need for corrective lenses.

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